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January 28, 2011

So, right around Week 4 of Fall semester, I fell into a pit of despair.

It was very much like this.

Not much will to blog, for a couple weeks, and by the time I felt better about the class too much time had passed to really jump back in. You know how it goes, right?

So how did Fall 2010 end up? Not to shabby, I think. I stuck with the Standards Based Grading the whole way through. And while it was a lot of work coming up with new assessments every week (plus the 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th and/or 6th assessments for the odd student), I think it may have been worth it. I haven’t read my evaluations yet, but I did get some spontaneous feedback from the students:

11th or so week of the semester, “traditional” student (in the 18-22year range) walks into lab:

I’ve finally figured out how much I need to study for this class!

Thanks to SBG, his prior grades weren’t set-in-stone and he brought his course grade up from a C to a B.

    A few students thanked me for the opportunities to re-assess on standards.
    With so much emphasis on personal responsibility, there was a good post-class conversation about the mindset of people who come to class once every three weeks.
    Two students told me (one via email, one in person) that they enjoyed the class and learned a lot.

Two students…doesn’t sound like much. However, it’s been about two years since any students said they liked the class at all. I’ll take it.


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